Shower essentials pt.2

…continued: here are the other low-waste swaps that I have gradually made when showering.


I use a solid soap bar, for body washing and for shaving. Solid soap bars are pretty common in most shops that sell cosmetics and shower essentials, but ‘Peace with the Wild’ has some great natural options, and the UK based brand ‘Faith in Nature‘ is also a great place to look.


Metal and wood safety razor. This is perhaps one of my favourite swaps so far. Instead of using and throwing out all those little blades and plastic handles, the safety razor that I have now (and in fact most safety razors) uses ‘Shark’ blades, which come wrapped in paper, and cost about £1 for 5 blades.

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

I’m storing all my used blades in a glass jar, and will eventually take them to be recycled. Switching to shaving with a safety razor requires some caution, as the blade is much sharper and the handle much heavier than the typical plastic razor. However, after about a week of using it and a couple nicks whilst shaving my legs, I have adapted and will never be going back!


For a while I was using the Bionsen aluminium free deodorant, instead of typical brands like Dove and Sure, but I wanted to find a natural deodorant that was also plastic free. I’ve tried testers from a few brands, mostly where the deodorant comes in a tin and you have to apply with your fingers. However at last I have found a brand to settle with.

I recently purchased my ‘Wild’ refillable stick deodorant and I am in love. You buy a case once, and then get a subscription for refills. The refills cost about £5, which for a natural, zero waste deodorant is quite reasonable (not to mention my first refill lasted me about 3 months). The refills come in paper that can either be recycled or composted once the deodorant is used up. The best thing about Wild is that it works. So well! I’ve worn it on days where I would usually be sweating buckets and getting home a little smelly, but have come home still smelling either vaguely of lavender (which is the scent I’m currently using), or smelling completely neutral. I personally had no adjustment to using a completely natural deodorant as I have already been using the Carr Greens deodorant for a couple months, but speaking to a friend who recently switched to Wild, she had no issues making the transition. Also, from this week, you can now buy Wild deodorant from large Sainsbury’s!

If you have tried any of the swaps mentioned so far in my bathroom series, or have other low-waste bathroom swaps you think are worth a mention, please leave a comment below!

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